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God Bless the ignorant, lol.🙌 Buy my NEW album coming soon! Everybody has an opinion about your life when there own could use MAJOR work! #Truth I’ll just leave it alone because I’m a lady.👑 #WhoAreYOUToJudgeAnyoneNotJustMe😳 My bad I didn’t know God or Jesus was hiring for judges, lol. 😒 I know who my REAL Family,
Loved ones, friends and Fans are and that’s ALL that matters! 💯 Thanks again to those who sincerely reached out and actually care not just being Nosey, smh.😒 #FootPrints #TeamFARRAH💋 #TheDevilIsALie #CarryOn #GodsChild 🙏💪#Positive #MyLife💯 #Instagram

Unbothered and staying prayed up and, away from any negativity. #StillStanding💪 #GodsChild🙏 Don’t judge what you don’t know.💯 The sad thing is people LIVE for drama but run from the truth, Smh. There’s always 3 sides to a story your side, my side and the TRUTH! But the truth is normally not as interesting as a lie, lol.👎 Thank you to EVERYONE who has reached out to send me love and Blessings during this messy time in my life it’s greatly appreciated. 😘😘😘😘#TheNerveOfSomePeople😒#AllICanDoIDLaugh #OnlyGODCanJudgeMe🙌 #MyLife #Instagram

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